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Portland LifeGuard

ABBA, A Women's Resource Center wants to assist women of all ages to build and maintain healthy relationships in their lives.  The Portland LifeGuard Sexual Integrity program is designed for "tweens" (ages 9 - 12), teens (ages 13-19) and adults (20 and over).

In either individual or group sessions, participants learn about abstinence until marriage, healthy sexual relationship boundaries, sexual abuse, and establishing a healthy marriage.  As participants complete a session, they earn credits toward gift cards at area stores.

Learn more at the Portland LifeGuard website.

post abortion recovery, ABBA A Women's Resource Center

Post Abortion Recovery

Each year, approximately 750,000 abortions occur in the United States.  At ABBA, A Women's Resource Center, we know this decision may have lasting effects on women emotionally and spiritually.  For 10 weeks, either individually or in a group, women will meet with a PACE trained counselor to move to healing and reconciliation.  Contact us to find out how you, or someone you know, can participate.

The Gift of Time, peri-natal hospice

The Gift of Time

ABBA wants to be a support to women who have been given an adverse prenatal diagnosis for their child and have chosen not to medically terminate their pregnancy.  Our Peri-Natal Hospice program, The Gift of Time, provides women with guidance, education and compassionate support as they honor the life of their child during their pregnancy.  All women's needs during this time are different, so The Gift of Time provides individually-tailored assistance as the mother reaches the birth of their child. Contact us to find out more information regarding The Gift of Time.

Learn and Earn Parenting, pregnancy, parenting

Learn & Earn Parenting

ABBA wants to be a continued support for women who choose parenting for their baby.  During individual sessions, women are offered education/counseling topics to assist with parenting, health/safety, and relationship building during their pregnancy and up to the baby's first birthday.  Women earn points at each session to choose items at the Baby & Mom Boutique at ABBA or earn a gift card to local stores.

TAPP, teenage pregnancy, parenting skills


The Teen Accountability Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP) is offered to teenagers from ages 12 - 17 to support them during pregnancy and parenting.   In addition to the Earn & Learn parenting program and the Portland LifeGuard program, teens are provided education and counseling on how to be a successful parent at a young age.

MomCheck, parent mentoring


ABBA provides a mentoring program for single parents with children over one year.  Women are provided with a one-on-one mentoring partnership to provide encouragement and guidance, assisted in setting goals for their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social needs, provided with networking with other single mothers for assistance and encouragement, and provided with community resources and referrals for their family's needs.

community referrals, Portland ME

Community Referrals

ABBA, A Women's Resource Center can provide you with a list of referrals for your pregnancy related concerns and more.

When you meet with a client advocate, you will receive referrals for medical/prenatal care, financial aid programs, adoption, housing, childcare, counseling, and more. 


Explore Your Spirituality

Every woman that comes to ABBA can participate in the Explore Your Spirituality program.  Women can learn more about her relationship with God and how to apply His principles into her everyday situation.