If you have a positive pregnancy test, you have options regarding your pregnancy.  The staff at ABBA, A Women's Resource Center, will provide you with factual information regarding abortion, adoption, and parenting to allow you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.  Make an appointment.


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Since abortion is a medical procedure, there are factors that you need to consider.  There are different types of abortion which are dependent on the gestational age of your pregnancy, which can be determined by a limited ultrasound.  In addition, there are side effects and risks associated with any medical procedure.  You deserve to know the facts about abortion procedures, your rights with abortion providers and the short-term and long-term risks associated with abortion.  At ABBA, we can help you sort through the information to determine the options available to you.  Make an appointment today.

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If you are considering adoption, know there are a lot of options available to you.  You can make a lot of decisions regarding the adoption plan, which can provide you with peace of mind regarding your child's life.  You can choose open or closed adoptions and private or agency adoptions.  Make an appointment to discuss your options with adoption.

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You may have more questions than answers when it comes to parenting.  You may be asking yourself how you will afford caring for a child, whether you are too young to be a parent, what to do if your boyfriend/husband doesn't want the baby, or how to tell your family. At ABBA, the staff will help you find answers to your questions and provide you with information to assist you with parenting.  Make an appointment today.