Pregnancy Testing

Experiencing early signs of pregnancy, such as a missed period, doesn’t always mean that you are pregnant. Since other medical conditions can also have the same symptoms as pregnancy, taking an accurate pregnancy test is crucial. ABBA offers laboratory-quality pregnancy testing that are 99% accurate. Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test at our center.

About Pregnancy Tests

While urine pregnancy tests are the most common approach, blood testing is also an option. However, drawing blood is invasive, can be painful, and poses risks that do not exist with urine tests. Additionally, blood testing does not yield instant results since the sample must be analyzed in a lab.

That’s why our center uses urine pregnancy tests that are noninvasive and yield results within moments. A member of our compassionate medical staff will administer the test and can follow up with a limited ultrasound if your result is positive. We’re also here to discuss the results, your options if you are pregnant and next steps.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

While our pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, they cannot technically verify a pregnancy. That’s why the next step is to have a limited ultrasound, which can provide certainty about your situation. After a positive pregnancy test in our office, we can provide you a free ultrasound that will confirm your pregnancy.