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Pregnancy and Parenting Programs

In addition to our medical services we also offer many programs to support a mom’s choice to parent. Just by taking part in birthing and parenting classes that help you develop or improve your parenting skills, you can earn items to help take care of your little one.  Our biggest program that mom’s get involved in is called the Earn While You Learn.  Our EWYL program is a free program that is designed to educate and support moms and moms-to-be (fathers and fathers-to-be are also welcome to attend). Client Mentors/Advocates provide up-to-date instruction in a safe and comfortable setting.  For attending class and completing interactive assignments, you can earn points to spend in our Mom’s Boutique.  Our Boutique has items such as infant and toddler clothing, blankets, bottles, diapers, wipes, bath products as well as some books on pregnancy and parenting, and so much more.  You may also “save” your points to earn larger items such as a stroller, crib or car seat. Some of the many topics that are covered in our programs include: Prenatal Nutrition Your Developing Baby Getting Ready for Baby Bonding with your Baby Newborn care First Aid and safety Safe and Healthy Environment Happiest Baby on the Block Ask yourself these questions to see if our Earn While You Learn program might be right for you… Are you pregnant or parenting a child who is 24 months or younger? Would you like to learn hands-on skills to enhance your parenting knowledge and skills? Do you want to develop a parenting philosophy to guide you through your child’s first years and beyond? Are you interested in having one-on-one meetings with someone who cares about your parenting success? Would you like the opportunity to earn maternity and baby supplies? Our EWYL program is not the only program we offer.  We also offer a MomCheck program.  MomCheck is a single Mom mentoring program for women with children over 12 months of age.  Experienced mothers come alongside single mothers to provide encouragement and guidance, help to set goals for her and her family (spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially), introduce a network of other single mothers for support, and provide community resources. Please call us at 207.253.5555 to make an appointment or talk with us about which program might be right for you! #parenting #singleparenting #earnwhileyoulearn #momcheck #pregnancyresourcecenter...

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Rebecca’s Story

“My name is *Rebecca. I am twenty four years old. I have a son who is almost five. I am currently twenty five weeks pregnant with my second boy. I am so thrilled to be a mum again. I never thought I would have any more children after my first boy, but God has other plans for me. I currently work full time with intellectually disabled adults. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it. I work hard to take care of my children but sometimes we all need some extra help; this is where ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center comes into my life. I started going to the Center with my first pregnancy and they’ve been fantastic. I was nervous and scared but ABBA has the resources to help me with parenting. My Client Advocate that I get to see every week is just like my family. She’s somebody to talk to and just share my feelings with. They are never judgmental. It’s a comfortable environment with the nicest girls I have ever met. I will continue going until I no longer can, but I hope that day doesn’t come. Thank you for everything you do!”   *The client’s name has been changed for privacy...

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Why Choose ABBA?

ABBA has no financial interest in your pregnancy because we do not perform abortions, provide referrals for abortions, or arrange adoptions.  We are here to help you sort through difficult options and provide you with information to help you make your decision. Missing your period can be very upsetting if pregnancy was not what you had planned.  We understand.  Many of our staff and client advocates have been just where you are and we listen with compassion, not judgment. What are my options? Abortion? Adoption? Parenting?  But first, am I really pregnant? On Wednesdays our medical clinic is open just for you.  We provide accurate pregnancy tests, STI testing and treatment as well as limited obstetrical ultrasounds.  All our services are free of charge and completely confidential. Over the next few weeks I am going to talk about different topics that we deal with in our clinic and during our support services appointments:  Pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, Abortion information, Parenting and prenatal education programs, to name a few… I hope these blog entries help provide you with more clarity during a confusing and stressful time. Stay tuned! Elena,...

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