Month: November 2018

Herbal Abortion?

Are you considering a herbal abortion? Maybe you are feeling scared about your potential pregnancy. You looked for a clinic and can’t find one, can’t afford one, and or don’t have the support you desire. Or maybe you are looking for a natural way to terminate a pregnancy without pumping your body full of chemicals. We live in the land of “Do It Yourself,” so why wouldn’t a home abortion be in that category? Though it seems easy to take these herbs to stop an unwanted pregnancy there are too many risks and unknowns about these herbs. Herbal remedies are not regulated by the FDA, this means they are not studied for toxicity, side effects, dosing, and mechanisms of action on the body. It is unethical to study on pregnant women, so it will be something that will never be fully studied. Information gathered about herbal abortions are from personal stories of trial and error. Due to these herbs being unregulated some women have lost their lives and experienced severe consequences like multi-organ failure. These herbs must be taken in specific quantities and duration. These specifics differ from woman to woman resulting in many toxicities and serious defects to the fetus when carried to term. The percentage of these herbal abortions working, when taken correctly and at the right, is low and that percentage drops each week the pregnancy continues. Really consider the idea of this much damage to your body and the potential for unsuccessful with teratogenic effects to your baby. Remember that overdosing can easily occur and to never ingest essential oils because of their poisonous effects.  The risks include but are not limited to: unsuccessful abortion, poisoning/toxicity, ectopic pregnancy complications, incomplete abortion, hemorrhage, and liver and kidney damage. Signs of toxicity are but not limited to: confusion, exhaustion, shock, hypotension, tachycardia, tremors, seizures, hallucinations, collapsing, and coma. If you start taking an herbal abortion and decide to not complete the course, there are damaging effects to both you and the fetus. An herbal abortion is not safe. Immediately seek medical attention if you think you have herbal toxicity. Self-induced abortions are dangerous due to the lack of support from medical professionals. When an abortion is performed at home it can be hard to know when serious complications arise because there is no monitoring from a medical professional. This is very dangerous to you as and by the time treatment is sought out it can be too late. Many factors go into monitoring like vital signs, bleeding status, and pain level. These can only be monitored and interpreted by professional medical personnel. Herbal abortions are not safe because of serious complications and a lack of professional medical personnel around to support you. It is important to remember that inducing an abortion at home through instrumental manipulation alongside these herbs is never a good idea. The rates of...

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