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Make an appointment to discuss your situation and your options with a caring and understanding client advocate.  ABBA offers free pregnancy confirmations and STI Testing....

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Missing your period can be very upsetting if you're not planning on becoming pregnant. Visit ABBA, A Women's Resource Center for a pregnancy test at no cost...

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Pregnancy was not what you had planned. We understand. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion, we know you have questions. You...

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As a student, you have a lot of questions regarding an unplanned pregnancy and your future.  Make an appointment at ABBA, A Women's Resource Center for a pregnancy test at no cost to you.  Our advocates can talk you through your options and provide you with factual information regarding your pregnancy.


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An unplanned pregnancy not only impacts her--it also impacts you.  ABBA, A Women's Resource Center is able to help you and her to make informed decisions.  Make an appointment to discuss your situation and pregnancy options.

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Facing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult, but you are not alone.  ABBA, A Women's Resource Center, is here for you.   Make an appointment to get the information, care and support to help you through your situation. Your visit is free and confidential.  Visit our office to get information regarding pregnancy and abortion.

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Sometimes we may be in a situation where we dont feel supported. Contact us today at 207-200-5746 to get a listening ear and the support you need. #pregnancycenter #relationships #communitysupport
Happy St. Patricks Day from all of us at ABBA! #abba #maine #happystpattys #portlandmaine
ABBA, A Womens Resource Center offers free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds. We are a great place to start. Text us today 207-200-5746. #abba #ultrasound #pregnant #undecided
There are always options. Text 207-200-5746 for more info. #pregnancy #pregnnacyoptions #abba
We believe that every man and woman have the right to make an educated decision. Call and make an appointment today for a free pregnancy test and talk to someone about your options. #abba #pregnancycenter #options
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